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Refer Your Friends & Get Free Online Scheduling

Why are referrals so important? Because of the free rewards of course! But seriously, no business owner on earth wants to spend their precious spare time researching appointment apps. They want to know what other savvy business owners like YOU use. So why not be a leader in your community and refer a friend or colleague to Bookedin?

How To Grow Your Business Without Losing Your Balance

It’s easy to believe *some* people have discovered the secret to successfully growing their business while neatly keeping their personal life intact. No hiccups. Well, now we’re ripping back the cover on the 16 most effective ways to grow your business… without losing your balance.

6 Ways to Decimate Last-Minute Appointment Cancellations

Last-minute cancellations are the bane of a shop owner’s existence. Unpredictable, soul-sucking, and resentment-inducing. Yet—*not-a-necessary-part-of-doing-business.* And preventing appointment cancellations isn’t the labor-intensive nightmare you’re picturing. Put appointment cancellations to bed with these 6 tips.

How This Skin Magician Found Freedom With Online Booking

Let’s give a warm welcome to Clara. This Miami-based skin magician is thriving thanks to her positive mindset, tight-knit community & unique service offerings… oh, and online booking. We hope you enjoy our interview with the owner of Pronoia 11:11 as much as we did.

The Must-Have Guide To Booking More Makeup Clients

What would it mean to your business if you were booking more makeup clients? Whether it’s moving from side hustle to full-time or adding another artist to your shop. Small changes can lead to powerful outcomes. Here are 17 ways you can begin booking more makeup clients today.