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How to Reopen Successfully Post-COVID-19

Let’s plot your reemergence into this murky, post-COVID-19 era. We’ll explore the most effective ways to move your business through this time of transition between shut down and re-opening.

Hello Phone Support (And Welcome Geno!)

We’re super excited to introduce our new team member, Geno Tominez! Geno’s official job title is “Customer Support Rep” but we’re thinking “Head Happiness Honcho” might be more fitting. He can’t seem to stop smiling. Seriously this guy’s smile… it’s contagious! Geno will be working from home and is dedicated to helping all of our […]

15 Tips for Booking More Massage Appointments Online

Getting your first *paid* online massage booking is thrilling. It’s an accomplishment and a turning point. Building an organized massage therapy practice? Well, that can prove an epic journey. This month we’ve mapped out 15 indispensable strategies that’ll move you towards a fully booked calendar.

COVID-19: How Bookedin Can Help Manage Your Business

Here are seven tips on how to manage your calendar, reschedule appointments, and communicate appointment changes to your clients during COVID-19. Your calendar might be in chaos right now, but Bookedin is here to help you smooth things over and help your business weather the storm.

11 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Online Appointment Book in 2020

Recessions can represent valuable opportunities for businesses positioned to capitalize on them. All it takes is a little anticipation and strategic planning. You can’t control the economy, but you can control your business. So, we found 11 ways to recession-proof your online appointment book in 2020.