We Won an Exclusive Award! (Thanks to You) - Bookedin

We Won an Exclusive Award! (Thanks to You)

BookedIN just won the ‘Best Ease of Use’ Appointment Scheduling Award!

We’re officially one of 2019’s “best ease of use” apps on Capterra.com. We’re feeling super grateful today for our awesome customers because this award is based on verified user reviews. It makes us so happy to know our customers rank us as one of the highest-rated appointment scheduling software out there.

So a great big bear-sized hug goes out to all of our amazing users who took the time to review us.🐻🤗

Receiving this award took us by complete surprise here today as we’re up against some big competitors. There are hundreds of products listed on Capterra, so this is the real deal. BookedIN is still a small team (meaning we can sometimes feel like the under-dogs) but today our hard work is paying off. We’re hoping this is a bit of proof to show you don’t have to live in Silicon Valley to build one of the best apps on the market.

Why does “ease of use” matter for appointment scheduling?

Setting up appointment scheduling software for your business can be difficult. You’ll need to research all the options out there, read hundreds of reviews and trial test multiple platforms. It can take hours of your precious time to evaluate, set things up and transfer your entire appointment world into a new platform. Making this process as quick and painless is something we strive to achieve.

Using new technology day to day in your business is no cake-walk either. Appointment scheduling is an ever-evolving beast and we know how tricky it can be to juggle your calendar of appointments. Never mind having to train all of your clients how to switch to a new system to book appointments online.

Making things easy for you and your clients is our development team’s #1 goal.

How did they determine the winner?

First of all, for those who don’t know, Capterra is a review website that helps businesses find software solutions. The site is full of testimonials, ratings and a comprehensive list of the top software for business.

Once a year Capterra awards the “best of” badges to an exclusive few based on user feedback. All reviews are processed individually and validated before publishing. Reviews that don’t meet guidelines are not published or included in “Best” qualification and recognition. Capterra also includes safeguards to make sure the review process can’t be hacked or gamed. They work hard to make this legit!

For full context on how this award was calculated, check out the Capterra methodology page here.

BookedIN’s got your back

We’ll admit, we’ve still got lots of work left to do, but this award confirms what we believe deep down in our hearts. That BookedIN is one of the easiest to use appointment scheduling softwares out there!

So no need to comb through the entire internet looking for an appointment manager. BookedIN has your back and you can rely on us to be super easy to use. We help eliminate the stress of managing your client appointments.

Sound interesting? Try BookedIN now for free. (Did we mention it’s easy?)

Help us celebrate!

We gotta admit, it feels weird writing this blog post. At BookedIN we’ve always been fairly humble about our progress and growth. Never really boasting too much or bragging about our success… Today we’re taking a break from all that. Today we’re flaunting this sweet new award for all it’s worth!

Thanks again to all of our amazing users who continue to trust us with their appointment scheduling, and a big warm “welcome to the BookedIN family” to all of our new customers this month.

If you’re still reading this, please drop us a “hello” in the comments and share this blog post to help us celebrate! 🎉🥳

The Capterra “Best” awards are determined by the subjective opinions of individual end-user customers based on their own experiences, the number and timing of published reviews on Gartner’s digital sites (Capterra.com, SoftwareAdvice.com, and GetApp.com) and review ratings for a given product in the category and are not intended in any way to represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.