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Is There A Perfect Scheduling App Out There?

Are you tired of trial testing a different appointment scheduling app every month? We know that none of them are truly perfect. But at BookedIN we’ve made it our mission to design an app that addresses your challenges of building and running an appointment based business.

A scheduling app designed with your shop in mind

Implementing your new online scheduling app shouldn’t be stressful, our goal is to save you time and let your clients book online!

We understand being an entrepreneur means that time is money so adding complicated processes just isn’t in our playbook. Here are 8 ways BookedIN is working with you to create harmony between your business and clients:

1. Simple Setup

Switching to online scheduling can be a big decision, and sometimes even good change is hard! So we’ve made that transition super easy for you and your clients. We offer friendly, knowledgeable support for any questions you have and we love hearing feedback on how we can improve the app for your business.

After you enrol all you need to do is set up your online booking page, share your link on social media or send your link to clients by email or text. And fun fact – 42% of people who share their page book a new appointment in 24 hours or less! How’s that for success?

2. Client-Friendly

Online scheduling is the preferred booking method for the majority of your clients, yet most hate having to set up an account just to book an appointment.

BookedIN allows your clients to schedule an appointment with your shop without the hassle of creating an account or password. This saves your client time and lets them know you understand their privacy concerns!

3. Automation For Your Business

From appointment scheduling to sending reminders we’re here help you reclaim as much of your time as we can. Let’s get you back to the tasks that light you up and get you excited about your business!

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4. Deposit Payments

You no longer need to live in fear of the dreaded no-show, you can require a deposit the moment your clients book online with you. It’s as simple as setting up the amount and payment method. Want to see how it works? Just check out how easy it is here.

5. Friendly Support

Everyone runs into hiccups now and then or has a question about the most effective way to use their new scheduling app. Whether it’s a routine or complicated inquiry our team is here to help your business thrive.

6. A Great Scheduling App

We know when you’re researching a new app for your shop you’re checking out what their customers are saying about them. Since serving your business is our #1 goal we thought we’d give you a peek into what our awesome customers have to say about us:

“Simple, smart and effective”

Just what I need for managing client bookings, thanks Bookedin.
by Peter Wilson via Google Play

“Very good app”

I love this app …. it is very helpful to my business needs. It’s like a personal secretary
by P&P Detailing Service for v1.1.7 via App Store (US)


We’ve been using BookedIN at our practice for three years and they just keep getting better and better. And their customer service is consistently excellent! Highly recommend.
by Libby@HRA for v1.0.10 via App Store (US)


Love everything about this! It’s been vital to my business.
by Sptrix for v1.0.0 via App Store (US)

If you look at the top-rated apps in the app store we’re right there too:

7. Why we do what we do

What makes BookedIN right for your shop? We’re a team of people who genuinely care about helping you. We know how to serve small businesses and entrepreneurs because that’s who we are at our core. When you get down to the nitty gritty it’s this:

Our core values


The one phrase you’ll hear most is “How can I help”. We know that as business owners time is a precious commodity. We get a thrill out of helping you save time so you can devote YOUR time to more important and rewarding things. At BookedIN we want our software to make your work more enjoyable.

Responsibility & Sense of Fulfillment

“We believe serving others is the most fulfilling work on earth.”
– Mike Iwasiow, Founder of BookedIN

Each member of the BookedIN team has chosen to become a part of this company because it gives us independence, work/life balance, and a feeling of satisfaction from helping our software users. We’ve dedicated our careers to building tools that help you achieve the exact same things: to give you control and feel more fulfilled in your work.

Honesty & Trust

We believe in open, honest communication that’s direct and to the point. There’s no holding back, and we have a free exchange of ideas. Does this mean that there’s an occasional battle between team members? Of course. Everyone here wants to make things the best that they can be and we feel strongly about our ideas!

This is our brand of teamwork. We speak freely, and we trust each other.

When it comes to our users, we try to extend the exact same attitude. We’re grateful for all the open and honest feedback we get from you. By being open to the good, the bad and the occasional ugly, we’re able to re-calibrate and figure out what direction we need to go in next.

8. We aren’t going anywhere

BookedIN was founded in 2010 by Mike Iwasiow after he realized how difficult it was to book common services online. He was frustrated by how painful old-school appointment booking had become – so he set up to revolutionize the online scheduling world. Today, BookedIN is one of the longest-running scheduling apps in the industry.

We’re still a small team, slowly hiring more staff as we continue to grow. Each member has an unexplainable, deep-down desire to help people. To serve. So here we are, ready to serve you.

It’s time to take the next step for your business

BookedIN’s scheduling app is designed with your shop in mind. You don’t need to waste one more minute sending reminders or chasing down payments – we can handle it. All you need to do is let us.

Sign up for your 30-day free trial today and discover why BookedIN is top-rated among our users for ease-of-use, functionality and customer service. Still unsure if BookedIN is right for your shop? Leave us a comment below to let us know what’s holding you back!