8th Birthday Giveaway Winners - Bookedin

8th Birthday Giveaway Winners

To celebrate BookedIN’s 8th birthday, we just gave away three $100 Amazon gift cards!

Congrats to the three lucky giveaway winners:

  • Andre Mendes da Costa
  • Moya Grierson
  • Diego DeJesus

Each of you lucky ducks has just won a $100 Amazon gift card. We’ll be emailing it to you shortly so you can start shopping right away. It’s time to splurge and buy yourself that fancy gadget that’s been sitting in your cart. Or perhaps a few life-saving items from Business Insider’s top 35 list? Enjoy!

About BookedIN

First launched way back in 2010, BookedIN is an appointment scheduling software designed to make your work life more enjoyable. We help business owners save time and improve their work day by handling all their appointment booking tasks. Want to try online appointment booking? Try BookedIN free for 30-days! No credit card required. Set up takes just a few moments, so what do you have to lose? Sign me up

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Note: Giveaway was open to any BookedIN user in supported countries with an account created on or before Sep 26, 2018. The giveaway was announced via the monthly newsletter sent to email subscribers. Giveaway entry closed midnight Sunday, Sept. 30th and the draw took place Monday, Oct. 1st.