Bookedin Reviews: Celebrating two Years on the Mobile App Stores - Bookedin

Bookedin Reviews: Celebrating two Years on the Mobile App Stores

Happy 2nd Birthday to the Bookedin mobile app!🎈🎈

Today is our mobile app’s 2nd birthday! Hard to believe, it feels like just yesterday we launched our appointment scheduler on the Google Play & iOS stores. (Even crazier to think we launched our web app nearly 8-years ago!)

Ever since the big launch day you’ve been sending us all kinds of excellent feedback. This has been instrumental to our team. Your app reviews help us know exactly what you love best about the Bookedin mobile app, and also the parts we could improve.

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Serving your business is our #1 goal, so knowing what you think is very important to us.

It makes us so happy when we hear stories from you. Bookedin reviews for our mobile app and how we’re helping barbershops, salons, tattoo artists, and beauty professionals around the world run their business. Serious warm-fuzzies going on right now over here. 😍

To help us celebrate, could you write us a quick review?

We would love to hear what you think about the mobile app! Just write us a quick review on the Google Play or iOS App Store. Call it a little birthday gift? Our entire team reads and carefully considers every single review we receive.

Click the buttons below to write a new review, or just scroll and check out what everyone else has been saying. Thank you so much for trusting us with your client scheduling needs. Cheers to many more years of mobile goodness!

Top BookedIN Reviews


“Its been a life saver”

by Holly VanBeelen Wilk via Google Play


“Love this app.”

Awesome app so easy to use and great customer service
by DJackmon1 for v1.0.18 via App Store (US)


“Bookedin Works wonders for us”

I am the owner of a hair salon and I have multiple hairstylists working under me. Bookedin has help me bringing my business to the next level by allowing us to work efficiently. Our customers can book their appointments very easily through our different social media pages and our website. We were able to customize it hence make easier for us and our customers. They us know their concerns and questions, request the hairstylist they want and we get ready on our side for the service that they have booked for using simple questions. We love and the most important our customers love it. Great app !!!
by Billieloovers for v1.1.17 via App Store (US)


Easy to use. Multiple calendars instead of just one. Easy to separate different business sessions or have clients book specific business sessions.
by Cm22222222 for v1.1.15 via App Store (US)


Love this app.
by RexxP for v1.1.11 via App Store (US)


Thank you guys for quickly fixing the issue I had with the app. Great customer service. It now works and I am one happy person lol. No more frustrating days trying to figure out what cars we have to clean and how much they paid while we are not in the office. Thanks again
by ethan colón for v1.1.9 via App Store (US)


…for organizing my clients and easy booking interface for online bookings and seamless payments.
by Mississauga Colonics via Google Play

“Love Booked In and the Booked In App”

Having client bookings and information at my fingertips has proven to be invaluable on more than one occasion. The Booked In App makes the desktop service even more worth every penny I have spent on the service.
by NB Photography for v1.0.24 via App Store (US)

“Easy to Use!”

I found BookedIn very easy for both my clients and me to use. I’ll be signing up for the paid version.
by kathathlaw for v1.1.6 via App Store (US)

“Fantastic app and service.”

Leanne replies to emails quickly and is very helpful. App getting better with each update. Has saved me a lot of time scheduling clients and love the calendar sync. Many thanks.
by Rob Cherry via Google Play

“Simple, smart and effective”

just what I need for managing client bookings, thanks Bookedin.
by Peter Wilson via Google Play

“Very good app”

I love this app …. it is very helpful to my business needs. It’s like a personal secretary
by P&P Detailing Service for v1.1.7 via App Store (US)

“Great little online booking app.”

by Andre Mendes da Costa via Google Play

“This app makes life easier for me.”

by Keesh-hound Groom Room via Google Play


by Kenneth Grimble via Google Play

“It’s awesome!”

I wouldn’t know what to do without it!
by Elizabeth Armour via Google Play

“Amazing customer service!!!”

I had some confusion about setting up my calendar and was charged extra for having a second calendar! I emailed them late that night and got a refund as well as clarity on how to properly work the system!!! Thank you so much Leanne R/S @Scottiefield
by HatfieldHairDesign for v1.0.13 via App Store (US)


Love everything about this! It’s been vital to my business.
by Sptrix for v1.0.0 via App Store (US)

“Best thing ever”

The Bookedin service has changed the way I do business. It has allowed me to focus all of my time on the client in my chair rather than answering phone calls and making appointments. My clients find it way more convenient for the as well they are more inclined to book with me when they know they can go to my site and get booked in. The app is something IV been waiting for since the service started. WOW it is amazballs!!!!!!! Love love love it
by Will Smith via Google Play


We’ve been using BookedIN at our practice for three years and they just keep getting better and better. And their customer service is consistently excellent! Highly recommend.
by Libby@HRA for v1.0.10 via App Store (US)

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