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The Easiest Way to Book Appointments on Facebook

With all of the new social media platforms launching it can be easy to forget the power of Facebook. With over 2.41 billion {that’s with a capital B} active users, it’s the most engaged network out there…and not just with your mom and her pals.

Limiting your appointment scheduling software to your website and Instagram is doing a disservice to your business and your customers…plus, getting set up is easier than learning to tie your shoelaces.

With that image of Dad teaching you the *bunny ear method* fondly in your brain, let’s find out how to book appointments on Facebook.

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First up, for desktop lovers, we’ll begin with the web instructions.

Step One: Sign in to your Facebook account and navigate to your Business Page. Don’t have one? Here’s a link to how to set one up {hint: you’re gonna need one if you want to start to book appointments through Facebook.}

how to fiind your facebook page

Step Two: Click  “Add a Button”, or if you’ve already set your *button* up previously, just hover over top and then click “Edit.”

add your booking button

Step Three: Once you reach the setup screen, choose “Book with you” and “Book Now”. Then click “Next…” {so far pretty easy right?}
how to add your booking link to facebook

Step Four: Now you want to click the “Link to Website” option and type in your BookedIN “Online Booking Page” link, and click “Save”. NOTE: Your link can be found in your BookedIN account under settings > integrate.

add your bookedin link

Step Five: Make sure you review your link for any typos, then click “Finish“.

how to add your online booking page link to facebook

<And….you’re done. Bring on the cash money.

Your clients are going to love the convenience of booking through Facebook. And the best part—they can share your page and refer your services to all their friends…after all, sharing is caring. Oh, and your brand new appointments will appear automatically in your BookedIN calendar—it couldn’t be simpler.

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>>>> Next up, if you heard desktop computer and thought, “Are people still using those?!” {hey Gen Z, I see you 👋} Here are your app instructions.

Step One: Once you’ve launched the Facebook mobile app, tap the “triple bar” menu in the bottom-right corner, then tap on your Business Page. Once you’re there, tap “Add a Button” or select your existing button to edit.

add facebook button on mobile

Step Two: From the options available you want to select the “Book Now” option.

how to add a facebook booking button on mobile app

Step Three: Now you’ll see a screen with the new Facebook appointment feature, right underneath that you’ll want to tap “Connect Another Tool” option.

choose connect to another tool on facebook app

Step Four: Now you’re on the last step. Tap the “Link to Website” option and type in your BookedIN “Online Booking Page” link, then tap “Save”. Your link can be found in your BookedIN account under “settings > online booking page.

connect to your website when adding a booking button on facebook

enter your bookedin link on facebook mobile app

Here’s what your clients will see once you’ve finished setting up appointment booking on Facebook:

final booking button on facebook mobile

And that’s it. You’re all done. If you’re a fan of simplicity and functionality then it’s about to be a great day for you. Now that you’re set up to book appointments on Facebook, you can check off another time-waster from your list. Clients can now head to your Facebook page to book an appointment, your calendar is updated automatically and clients get a confirmation—all without you having to lift a finger!

Want to make appointment booking even quicker & and more convenient for your clients? Head here to learn the two simple steps you need to follow for booking appointments on Instagram.

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FAQ’s for booking appointments on Facebook:

What are Facebook appointments?

Facebook appointments are scheduled directly through Facebook via the hours you’ve set on your Business Page. The booked appointments are sent to your through Facebook Messenger.

What is book now on Facebook?

Book now is a button on your Facebook Business Page that you can connect to any external web page. This button sits at the top of your Business Page (underneath your header picture) and is used to drive traffic to a booking site for your customers or clients.

How do I add a schedule to my Facebook page?

You can add a schedule to your Facebook page by adding a link to an outside scheduling page via the “Book Now” button.