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Appointment Scheduling Tips

6 Ways to Decimate Last-Minute Appointment Cancellations

Last-minute cancellations are the bane of a shop owner’s existence. Unpredictable, soul-sucking, and resentment-inducing. Yet—*not-a-necessary-part-of-doing-business.* And preventing appointment cancellations isn’t the labor-intensive nightmare you’re picturing. Put appointment cancellations to bed with these 6 tips.

The Must-Have Guide To Booking More Makeup Clients

What would it mean to your business if you were booking more makeup clients? Whether it’s moving from side hustle to full-time or adding another artist to your shop. Small changes can lead to powerful outcomes. Here are 17 ways you can begin booking more makeup clients today.

The 4 Best Methods for Attracting New Clients to Your Salon [2020 update]

Arguably the biggest challenge in the beauty industry is finding new clients. It’s a constant effort to keep your calendar full and the business flowing. While you likely already have some loyal clients who regularly book with you, (because you make them look oh so ahh-may-zing) you may have noticed over time your client list […]