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The 10 Commandments of Creating a Business You Love

Imagine if you could go from where you are now to the freedom of building your dream business? Well, you can stop *imagining.* The 10 commandments of creating a business you love will show you how easy it is to take the dreams you have and turn them into a reality.

Cracking the Creative Business Code

How do you effectively combine the freedom and inspiration you find in creating with the constraints and structure needed to run a shop or succeed as an entrepreneur? Discover your sweet spot as a creative business.

7 Things Great Tattoo Artists Do Every Day

Being known as an “expert” really pays off, no matter how you get there. It buoys your reputation, increases your value and boosts your self-confidence to be mastering a skill. Not to mention it gives you credibility and helps you build a business you love. Here are 7 things great tattoo artists are doing every day as they work towards mastery.

5 Ways to Overcome Perfectionism

The desire to reach perfection is a goal all of us can identify with. As perfectionists, our self-worth, value, and esteem are inextricably tied to the unreachable standards we’ve set for ourselves. Let’s look at 5 ways you can reach high-level achievement without being a perfectionist.