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Tattoo Artists

Finding the Higher Truth

From his first tattoo at age 18, to working at biker-owned tattoo shops in the 90s, to owning his shop today, Mark tells us a bit about his journey where he’s found family, good fortune, validation and a continual search for higher truth in everything.

Discovering Success in Unexpected Places

Read the inspiring success story of entrepreneur Vanessa Olomo, founder of Braids Connexion, Baltimore. While overcoming doubts, and discovering her unique talents, Vanessa found her footing in the industry. Now she’s ready for her next challenge.

Take a Leap of Faith for Work-Life Balance

The story of a Vancouver single mom who reinvented her life and career. She went from being an unhappy stress-case working at a law firm, to the freedom and balance of owning her own microblading business, Brow Beauty by Mel.

How to “Make It” as a Tattoo Artist

Today we’re Talking Shop with Kari Yocom, a Portland based tattoo artist. Read on for her advice on “making it” in the tattoo industry, the biggest challenges you’ll face when getting started, and the importance of being organized.

Productivity hacks for mobile businesses

Running a business means long hours. And for Gary Kristensen, owner of A Quality Appraisal, this is certainly true. Gary spends most of his day driving to view properties around the Portland, Oregon area. When he’s home from the office, and the kids are in bed, he’s up late writing reports, performing quality checks for his team, and seeing to […]

Photographer blogs her way to better business

The challenge for the modern photographer is that everybody has a camera in their pocket or a cousin with a DSLR. It’s no different for Heidi Ram of Heidi Ram Photography in Toronto, Canada but she’s separated herself from the ocean of amateurs and built a successful business over the last five years. ‘Everybody is […]