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7 Things Great Tattoo Artists Do Every Day

Being known as an “expert” really pays off, no matter how you get there. It buoys your reputation, increases your value and boosts your self-confidence to be mastering a skill. Not to mention it gives you credibility and helps you build a business you love. Here are 7 things great tattoo artists are doing every day as they work towards mastery.

30 Things Your Tattoo Artist Wishes You Knew

Over the years I’ve heard tattoo artists at all stages of their journey earnestly discuss what they wish clients knew before they booked their first appointment. With so many things to consider before setting foot in your first tattoo shop, I compiled the 30 things tattoo artists wish you knew.

Finding the Higher Truth

From his first tattoo at age 18, to working at biker-owned tattoo shops in the 90s, to owning his shop today, Mark tells us a bit about his journey where he’s found family, good fortune, validation and a continual search for higher truth in everything.

Why Do Tattoo Artists Leave?

Whether to relocate to a new shop, or to open up their own, tattoo artists leaving seems to be a trend… But why? So we reached out to over 70 shop owners and artists to ask the big question. Check out what they’re saying and leave a comment to help us shed some light on this interesting topic!

How to Find the Perfect Shop Space

If you’re looking to go into business for yourself and open up your own shop, congratulations! Here are 7 things you’ll want to think about while trying to find that perfect space to get your dream off the ground.

19 Business Tools Every Tattoo Shop Needs to be Successful

As a tattoo shop, you’ve always been focused on building a stellar reputation, getting clients in the door and scoring a roster of talented artists. Now you need the tools to make it easy. At BookedIN we’ve discovered 19 business tools that will help drive traffic, bump up productivity and manage your work/life balance, the keys that every tattoo shop needs to be successful.