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Burnout: Are We On the Road to Ruin?

Burnout can take anyone down – whether you’re running a solo show or working with a team – it doesn’t discriminate. We’re examining how the “hustle harder” culture has impacted your business.

5 Reasons “No” Is the Most Important Word You’ll Learn

Learning how to say to say “no” is one of the most critical skills you’ll develop in your adult life. Without it, you risk overcommitting your time, living in chaos, and always feeling under pressure. Here are the 5 reasons “no” is the most important word you’ll ever learn.

Why Is “Busy” A Badge Of Honor?

When did “busy” become our new badge of honor? A word we hold up as a symbol of pride rather than a problem that needs to be solved. Instead of hiding behind “busy” we must learn how to prioritize what matters most to us. Let’s discover the 9 ways you can combat using “busy” as an excuse and redefine success on your terms.