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17 Brilliant Ways To Simplify Your Business (and Life) in 2020

How can you slide into 2020 feeling like you’ve finally got a handle on it all? You likely already know the answer to this one: Simplify. It’s time to reflect on the parts of your personal life and business that could use a little pruning back. Let’s dive into the many ways you can simplify your business (and life) next year.

8 Ways to Amp up Your Self-Discipline

Nothing in life is worthwhile unless you take risks. But how do you get to a point where you have enough command over your mind to choose what’s in your own best interest? The answer is both simple and complex. It’s self-discipline. Let’s explore what it takes to dig deep and extract the self-discipline that lies within each of you, and how to stay motivated once you find it.

How to Set Boundaries at Work like a Boss

If you want to set boundaries like a boss at work, you need to make well thought out decisions about how you spend your time. By using the eight steps below to uncover your limits, communicate them, and follow-through, you’ll be on your way to real transformation.

Burnout: Are We on the Road to Ruin?

Burnout can take anyone down – whether you’re running a solo show or working with a team – it doesn’t discriminate. We’re examining how the “hustle harder” culture has impacted your business.