Marketing 101 meets web 2.0 - Bookedin

Marketing 101 meets web 2.0

Have you ever been so excited for something that, when it finally happens, you don’t know what to do with yourself? I imagine it’s how people feel at their wedding reception but, as I haven’t found a woman as passionate about online appointment booking as I am, I don’t know how good that analogy is.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m pretty psyched that we just launched BookedIN. This is a big milestone, and it’s my job to make sure it’s the first of many. I’m Cody Pierson and I’ll be your Marketing Specialist for the duration of the flight.

Today BookedIN is a revolutionary appointment scheduling software, with a staff of incredibly talented people working on it, but not so long ago it was a business plan, a bunch of screen mock-ups and a logo. In short, we’ve come a long way.

In fact, I think this calls for a visual aid.

Here’s the original logo:

The Original Logo

And now the new one:

The New One

I think that sums up the progress so far.

Now, there’s a lot more to a brand than just the logo, but we’ve laid a solid foundation and it’s up to the data to tell us what we’re going to build on it. Analytics, comments, feedback and good, old-fashioned brainstorming will all be a part of the next phase. This might not sound all that exciting, but it’s the bread and butter for a former ad man like me.

On that note – and excuse me while I pour myself a scotch – I might be the only one with “Marketing” in my title, but I’m not the only one on the marketing team. Mike, the development team and you, our community, are just as important to this process as I am. If you like something, tell us. If you hate something, tell us louder!

BookedIN might’ve started as someone else’s baby, but I’ll always think of myself as its cool uncle.