Made in Canada, eh? - Bookedin

Made in Canada, eh?

Founded in 2009, BookedIN has grown to be an industry leader in online scheduling and proudly serves thousands of small businesses worldwide. For those who may be curious, here are a few interesting facts about our little company.

A Canadian Startup

BookedIN is a proud Canadian startup based in Winnipeg, Manitoba – a.k.a. the coldest place on earth. I created BookedIN because I was frustrated with how difficult it was to book a hair cut, dental appointment, oil change and many other common services. Also, friends with local businesses would express how difficult it was to juggle marketing, answering phones and scheduling clients. I wanted to fix this.

A Global Team

BookedIN’s official office is located in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District, however our team members work and collaborate all over the world. We’re in Portland (US), Thunder Bay (Canada), Nassau (Bahamas), Montreal (Canada) and Brussels (Belgium). The ability to work remotely gives us access to a global talent pool which is a big advantage for any startup.

Obsessed with Customer Service!

Every team member at BookedIN plays a role in providing customer service. Whether it’s online chat, phone support, answering tickets or 1-on-1 online support sessions, we all take part in making sure our customers can connect with us anytime.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to seamlessly automate the marketing and scheduling of common, everyday services.”

When you’re starting a small business, it’s difficult to figure out how to market yourself and you certainly don’t have time to mess around with appointment scheduling, co-ordinating, answering redundant phone calls, etc. We’re a small, privately funded business ourselves and many of our team members have run their own small businesses. We understand the pain and we won’t stop until it’s fixed!