New Release: Mobile-Friendly Client View - Bookedin

New Release: Mobile-Friendly Client View

BookedIN Client Scheduling Pages just got a makeover! 

All BookedIN accounts are now sporting a brand new mobile-friendly design. Your clients and customers are going to swoon, as they’ll be able to book and pay for appointments easier than ever before.

“They can book you from the train, they can book you out in the rain. They can book you here or there. They can book you ANYWHERE!”  ~Dr. Seuss (sorta)

Why is this awesome?

  • more of your clients will use online booking
  • less phone calls and emails to your business
  • faster and easier for clients to book appointments
  • easier online deposit payments
  • easier to promote via other mobile channels (ex. your Instagram, Facebook mobile, Email, etc)

So today is a good day for you to plaster the internet with your client scheduling page URL. You can find this in your account under Settings > Integrate, (it looks like this “”).

Once you have your URL, just copy/paste it into your:

  • Facebook call-to-action button
  • Twitter bio
  • Instagram profile
  • Email signature
  • Website
  • Tumblr
  • Yelp
  • Or maybe even sky-write it over your city

New to BookedIN?

Welcome weary traveller. Please give our 30 day free trial a go. You’ll like it, we promise! You can set up a client scheduling page in just a few minutes, start taking online bookings, and stop all the email-phone-back-and-forth madness.

What about the appointment app

As for the private business owner view, our team is working on a BookedIN for business mobile app for iOS and Android. We will post an announcement on our blog as soon as we know a launch date. Big thanks to everyone’s feedback and patience on this. Even though our team is still small, we are constantly working to make our software better, and your scheduling way less hectic.