Welcome to the New Website - Bookedin

Welcome to the New Website

We’re live! 🎉

First, let’s rewind to over a year ago. We realized our website was pretty boring. It explained the appointment scheduling software features and pricing and that’s about it. No pizzaz. No emotion. Fairly blah.

This didn’t make sense because behind the scenes we have an incredibly driven team and a growing ecosystem of amazing customers who are thriving in business. Calendars booked solid with appointments. We weren’t doing a great job of showcasing these people and the reasons why we’re all tied together.

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So we decided it was time for a new website. A site that properly explains how BookedIN helps our customers and tells our origin story. It took a lot longer than anticipated, as we were juggling all the other tasks of running a small software company, but here we are!

Value > Function

Today we’re excited to tell you the proper story about how we got started. We’re getting better at explaining the value you’ll find when using BookedIN instead of listing only the features and functions. As we gathered up countless testimonials from barber shops, tattoo shops, salons and others over the years, we were so happy to see that value come to life. How BookedIN is saving people time and making life easier for service professionals who book appointments with clients.

9 Years Ago

It’s hard to believe almost 9 years ago BookedIN launched our very first website. Looking back to when we got started, we couldn’t even dream of growing BookedIN to this point, and we’re incredibly grateful for the chance to build software that helps make life easier for our customers.

Does that sound familiar? I’m sure when you started up you had a similar dream. A desire to help people and to be of service using your passions and skills. Oh, and to somehow make a living along the way. 😉

What’s the plan for your website?

Are you currently working on a new website for your business? What made you decide to re-vamp things? Let us know in the comments!