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Why Is “Busy” A Badge Of Honor?

When did “busy” become our new badge of honor? A word we hold up as a symbol of pride rather than a problem that needs to be solved. Instead of hiding behind “busy” we must learn how to prioritize what matters most to us. Let’s discover the 9 ways you can combat using “busy” as an excuse and redefine success on your terms.

February Appointment Scheduling Updates

To help your business save time and better communicate with your clients, we’ve launched a bunch of new updates to the software! Smoother scrolling, better client search, and a whole bunch of improvements to the text message reminders.

The 5 Reasons Client Satisfaction Matters

Competition in small business is fierce. In the rapidly changing world of art & commerce, it’s challenging to find your focus. Should you be studying the latest marketing trends, or calculating the perfect price point? No. The real difference is won with exceptional client service.

Now Live: Payment Processing Overhaul

Our new & improved online payments system is now live! We updated BookedIN to use new PayPal technology making it smoother, faster and easier for your clients to pay online for their appointments.

Thank You from the BookedIN Team

Well, the holidays are officially about to begin (for many of us), and with just 24 hours left to go until the big day, 🎅 we’d like to thank each of you for all of your support and feedback this year. We’re so grateful for all of our amazing customers.