Real Customers Reveal the Benefits of Online Appointment Booking

I know what you’re thinking…

…you want to understand why switching to appointment scheduling software is the right move for your business.

So, we decided to ask real BookedIN users …

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

Their answers may surprise (and motivate) you.

If you’re feeling unsure about the idea of switching to online appointment booking, check out what these industry insiders have to say about the difference it made to their business.

Let’s take a moment to meet our business owners:

Michael Vanhook, owner, Crazicutz the Barbershop


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Crazicutz Barbershop is owned and operated by Michael out of Burlington, North Carolina. Michael’s team focuses on creating a fun, welcoming atmosphere that keeps his clients feeling like family.

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

 “This app has helped tremendously. Cut down on our customer waiting time. Also, it helps with time management.”

Key takeaway: improved time management

Dianna Gill, shop owner, Broken Anchor Tattoo

black and grey tattoo from broken anchor tattoo

Facebook: @brokenanchortattoomarinecity

Broken Anchor is a small artist owned & operated facility that offers a unique art gallery atmosphere.  Their goal is to promote local artists and their hand-crafted work in a pristine & tranquil studio environment with friendly, approachable staff.

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

“Online booking is quick & convenient for both artist & client. It the age of social media & internet, people like to use apps and other web methods to make appointments and such.

We find that the clients like doing this as opposed to making a phone call. It is easy for them to cancel appointments as well the people do not typically call to cancel & then you have a very annoyed artist who could have opened that time frame for a paying customer.

All around it works well for everyone.”

Patsy Grieco, shop owner/artist, Fast Lane Tattoo

Owner of Fast Lane Tattoo NY Patsy Greico


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Tattoo artist featured @ladykatiecustom

Patsy is the owner of Fast Lane Tattoo. This custom tattoo shop focuses on having fun and giving their clients so much more than a tattoo – they go out of their way to make it an experience. That includes an annual event that began in 2009 featuring $25 Breast Cancer Ribbon tattoos where all the artists donate 100% of their profits. To date, Fast Lane has donated over $17,000!

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

“BookedIN has made our business easier to manage in and out of the shop.  The app is easy to use and streamlines everything for us; we now have all of our information in one place instead of scribbled in a book we can only access at the shop.”

Key takeaway: easy to use & stay organized

Sean Owen, shop owner, Ink Embassy


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Tattoo artist featured is Damien.

Sean is the owner of Ink Embassy. They are a true boutique & vintage tattoo studio in Brisbane. At Ink Embassy, experienced tattoo artists are creating beautiful custom designs which are unique & powerful.

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

“Online scheduling is one of the pillars of my business. Without it, all our employees/colleagues would not be able to remotely manage their appointments meaning a specialist would have to be employed to communicate all appointments. It, therefore, is fiscally a “no-brainer.”

Key takeaway: online appointment booking lets you automate your business

Brian Jones, Barber, Hair Shop

barber giving head shave

Brian is a student and in demand, barber working at the Hair Shop in Cochrane, Georgia.

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

“BookedIN has really given me the ability to spend the time needed with each client. Saves me a lot of time and hassle. Clients love it also because they don’t have to bother with calling me and they also love the reminders. “

Key takeaway: appointment reminders, improved client service

John Hintz, shop owner/artist, Warrior Tattoo

john hintz tattoo artist at warrior

day of the dead leg tattoo by john hintz at warrior tattoo

Facebook: @warriortattoo16

A former infantry officer in the U.S Army, John has been tattooing for the past 15 years. He is now the owner of Warrior Tattoo Studio, a custom tattoo shop in Waukee, IA.

How has our tattoo management software made a difference in your business?”

 “It’s changed everything… literally. We have five tattoo artists and a piercer. Our schedules are completely different and random. We now book appointments daily from the shop, the grocery store, the gym… all the places. It’s truly linked us together and helped the business blossom.”

Key takeaway: increased bookings, more sales

Michelle Yager-French, owner, Carmel Tattoo


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Tattoo artist featured @tattoosbymatt317

Together with her husband Adam, Michelle runs the only locally owned tattoo & piercing shop in Carmel – Carmel Tattoo Ink.

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

“We started using BookedIN a couple of years ago because managing 5 Artist’s in one huge hairdressers’ calendar was making me crazy!

 There were more cross offs than appts most days. Needless to say, mistakes and confusion were part of the normal routine because unless you wrote it, no one else had a clue what it said or even meant.  

 So, one day I spent a couple of hours looking at services that offered an online booking system. I even tried a few that day. BookedIn was simple and seemed very efficient. I had so much pushback from everyone.

 No one wanted to take the time to learn it and type in the info. I stood my ground threw the stupid hairdresser book away!

 So fast forward from 2 years ago and now EVERYONE loves it. All 5 of my guys can now book appointments at home, and they are now even taking deposits with a simple click of a button.

 Best decision Carmel Tattoo Ink has ever made!

 There are very few tattoo shops that use these types of systems still today and its mind boggling that anyone would still use a handwritten calendar.

 We also get so much great feedback from customers because between the email and text reminders it saves them time having to call their shop because they lost some silly card with the appt time on it.

 Forever life BookedIN!”

Key takeaway: deposits, client reminders, easy organization

Louisa Cornu, Office & Administration Manager, Louie Lou Tattoo


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Tattoo artist featured @forestfullofwolves

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

“Online Scheduling has greatly helped our business as it’s a simple and practical way of organizing bookings.

As a manager of a tattoo shop comprising of three artists, online scheduling means I can view and manage all of the calendars in one spot. The artists also have access to their individual via the phone application.

It also reduces the use of paper for our business and saves client information which is great for regular customers!”

Key takeaway: environmentally friendly, improved client experience, time-saver

Edgar Guardiola, tattoo artist, Authentic Tattoo Company

Edgar Guardiola tattoo artist in shop


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Edgar has been a professional tattooer for 9 years and especially loves the American Traditional tattooing style. He’s worked at “street shops” that were very walk-in based, so this has allowed him to have a variety of tattooing styles/skills to satisfy what the client has in mind. He prides himself on being very customer-service driven and feels very fortunate to be working in a career that allows him to meet new people, practice his artistic skill, and to continue to learn.

How has online scheduling made a difference in your business?”

“Super convenient I don’t need to carry around my pen and paper to book my appointments. I just simply take my phone out and do it right than and there.


Key takeaway: convenience, ease of use

Well, there you have it.

Real BookedIN users have weighed in on how online appointment booking made a difference in their business.

8 ways online scheduling will improve your business:

  1. Saves you time
  2. Great client experience
  3. Automation
  4. Payment & appointment reminders
  5. Increased traffic & bookings
  6. Easy to use
  7. Deposits (decreased no-shows + late appointments)
  8. Keeps your business organized

Are you ready to try online appointment booking?

So, now the decision is yours. Are you excited to see what online appointment booking can do for your business?

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