Resources are the new staff - Bookedin

Resources are the new staff

I’ve already lost track of how many versions of BookedIN we’ve released.

Granted, that’s probably because the development team stopped sending me those memos when they realized trying to explain all the technical improvements they made was like trying to teach algebra to a chimp, but I’m in the loop this time. And with good cause!

The latest BookedIN version gives you the ability to book time based on whatever resource your shop uses. Chairs, rooms, beds, booths or good, old-fashioned staff; you just have to create a schedule, set the services that can be performed in it, on it or with it and you’re ready to go. It doesn’t change the game, but it does make it easier to play.

So, why did we decide to make the change?

This whole company started when one guy realized how much of a pain it was to schedule an appointment for a haircut, so we were always building BookedIN with the image of hair salons and stylists fixed firmly in our minds. Sure, we were hoping masseuses, tanning salons and tarot card readers would all have a need for what we were offering, but the 1-to-1 chair-to-person ratio was always in the back of our mind.
Once we launched we realized that wasn’t always the case. That meant we could either sell what we had, come up with workarounds and hope it caught on, or we could listen to what our customers were telling us and try to solve the problem. Obviously we decided to go with the latter.

You can see for yourself how that worked out, but right now the whole team is feeling pretty good about it. We wanted to be a company that reacted to what our users needed, and this is the first major step in that direction. So, I guess what I’m saying is that if you send us enough support requests we’ll eventually cave and do whatever you want.