Tattoo Shop Case Study: Instantly solved double-booking problem

We had the pleasure of interviewing our long-time customer Angel Caban this week. He told us all about why he uses appointment scheduling software for his tattoo shop and how it instantly solved his troubles with double-bookings. Bookedin keeps their calendar full and client-load steady, eliminating their scheduling headaches.

Watch the video below or just scroll on down to read the transcript.

LS: What’s up everybody? Leanne here from appointment scheduling and I’m hanging out with Angel Caban, he’s a tattoo artist hailing from Guardian Art Gallery, located in Orange, Connecticut. And today we’re gonna be doing a little bit of a case study on their shop and how Bookedin helps them get the job done.

AC: Thank you Leanne. Thank you for having us…

LS: Yeah, so good to see you! So before we dig in Angel can you tell me just a little bit about how you and your shop got started?

AC: Well, I’ve been working for over 15 years, and I’ve been working for a couple of shops, and it was pretty much time for us to just start our own thing. My wife and I decided, and here we are.

LS: So what challenges were you experiencing in your business at your shop that kind of led you to look for a solution like Bookedin?

Everything was scattered all over the place

AC: Everything we did was by hand, so appointments were held in a notebook by hand in calendars on computers and everything was scattered all over the place. Nice thing about Bookedin, it was all in one, so I was able to make my appointments and to even take payments, so everything came together all in one, which was really nice.

LS: When you were getting started signing up, what made you choose Bookedin over other products that were on the market or options that you were looking at?

Easy to use

AC: I’ve tried SO many products, some were very strong in certain areas, which I liked about it, but it was lacking somewhere else. Bookedin really had everything pulled together. Uh, easy to use, easy to install. It works across all platforms. Which made my life easier, made the shop’s life easier, and we just took the from there.

LS: Do the other people in your shop use mostly the mobile app or is it more the desktop?

AC: It depends where they’re at, if they’re in the shop, they’ll use the desktop version. My wife, she does all the bookings, up front, so she’ll use the desktop. If we’re in the back with a client will use the mobile unless we bring them up to the front. So definitely versatile in using both.

LS: That’s great. And so, let’s talk business as you started using Bookedin, did you see any specific improvements as a result maybe for example, more time or clients or money, anything like specific?

One of the biggest things is double-booking

AC: Instantly. The one of the biggest things is a double booking. It’s the worst thing you could do is double book, you will have two clients out there fighting for position and you don’t want that. This eased that tension. There’s settings in there where it won’t let you double-book… And so it also reminds them of their appointments in case I set up something, and it’s two months away. It won’t let them forget and if something does come up that they have to reschedule, I have enough time to get someone else in.

LS: Did you before have a lot of clients forgetting, no-showing that kind of thing?

AC: Yes, I try to make it a point to call them and remain them, but even sometimes if I write the wrong number down or anything like that, it gets lost. And with this, the second you set up an appointment, it immediately sends them that text confirming it. So I know everything is good, I don’t have to worry about it.

LS: Yeah, if someone doesn’t show up, it’s a gap in your day. It’s lost money, lost revenue. Could you estimate if there is a dollar value tied to that?

AC: Well, I wouldn’t wanna say a dollar value, but it’s just horrifying to be at the shop eight hours a day and do nothing. With this it keeps you busy. So if something comes up that someone can make it, you have at least… You can set the terms. You have a week to two days to actually fill that spot in. It’s so easy, it’s always easy to do. And because of that, I haven’t had that time to sit around. The shop has been nice and steady.

The shop has been nice and steady

LS: That’s good. Steady. I’m sure just judging from your Instagram all your followers, you must be booked solid. So when there’s a gap, being able to fill it, it’s nice to hear if that helps.

AC: And that’s you’re right, I’ll set something up and then it’ll be three months from now. I could forget, they could forget. It keeps us all in the loop and it keeps us consistent with all of our work.

LS: Awesome, yeah, consistency that’s that’s good to hear. So, last question. Thinking about other tattoo shops out there, there’s so many amazing talented artists and shops across all over the country having these same challenges that you were having, what would you say to them right now? If you could tell them one thing?

Don’t wait. Just do it!

AC: Honestly, I would tell them, “Don’t wait just do it. If you procrastinate it, you’re gonna lose out, everything is there for you to use everything works and they’ll be wasting time if they don’t use it, try it out, even if you do a trial, I’m sure you will fall in love with it and start using it consistently.

LS: Spoken like a champ! Angel knows what he’s talking about. So that’s it, really, for me. Do you have anything else Angel, you wanted to add or any last thoughts?

AC: Well, again, I wanted to thank Leanne for putting this together and I just wanted to tell everyone. Don’t waste time, try it out, it’s worth it, it’ll change your whole shop’s perspective.

LS: Well there you have it! Angel Caban from Guardian Art Gallery. Thank you so much for talking with me today. It’s really cool to hear about your shop and how you’re using the tool. And yeah, thanks so much.

AC: Thank you for having me.

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