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The Advantages of BookedIN

As businesses continue to adapt to the fast paced consumer world, a number of products continue to spring up that make running a business or connecting with clients that much faster and more efficient.

Appointment scheduling software is one such program that helps businesses to evolve, by allowing them to manage appointments and schedules, while allowing their clients to book their own appointments from their smartphone, tablet, or computer. While many small businesses have already caught on to online booking, there are many that continue to hang back. If your company isn’t using online booking software, here are just a few of the reasons you may want to reconsider.

  • Availability
    Your clients can now make appointments 24/7 based on your set availability and empty time slots. And more self-service means less time spent booking over the phone.
  • Ease of Use
    There’s nothing to install and no servers or backups to worry about. Many online scheduling programs even offer the option to backup your booking and client info. You don’t even need to worry about having your own website because booking software can either be integrated or used directly from the booking website.
  • Value
    While any booking program will provide you value by cutting back on the time you spend scheduling and managing appointments and staff the old fashioned way, many of the available software programs give you a ton of useful features for a very small investment.

You are in control when it comes to online booking software. You can customize the system to work the way that you do, by allowing appointments to be scheduled within real time open slots and around set vacation hours, holidays, and company meetings. You get detailed control over what information your clients enter with custom intake forms, and you can specify who is notified about new appointments, cancellations, and changes. This allows you to be as hands on or hands off as you would like to be. If you don’t want to be in charge of the scheduling aspect of your business, you can decide which staff users you want to be able to see and manage your schedule. And you can set parameters for your team as well as your clients, including how far in advance appointments need to be cancelled or changed.

One of the biggest reasons that BookedIN is such a hit is because it is a web-based app, rather than an installable program. Thanks to this, you can now:

  • Easily Change Layout
    Change your logo and color scheme to match your website and set custom messages for informational dialogs so that your clients easily recognize your business.
  • Integration
    You can sync or integrate your appointments two-ways with other programs like Outlook, Google, Office365, iCal or Microsoft Exchange. You can also export info from your clients for email marketing.
  • Work From Anywhere
    Work from wherever is most convenient for you. You’ll get reliable and speedy access to your calendars from your home, office, or sitting on the beach. You can reach your account 24/7 from any location that has an internet connection.
  • Friendly Support
    A lot of businesses are scared off by the term ‘self-service.’ In fact, getting your scheduling program to work is fast and easy. Regardless, we provide you with friendly support to walk you through initial setup and any additional questions you may have while using the software.
  • Work With Your Clients
    Clients can make and cancel their own appointments. You can setup custom intake forms for clients to fill out, which the system will log for you. All of which saves you and your clients time.

Online booking software is key for businesses looking to speed up their scheduling process. Online booking programs allow clients to make their own appointments on their smartphone, tablet, or computer by choosing an available slot from your appointment book, which can be integrated into your website or Facebook page. This system continues to grow in popularity with both consumers and small businesses, as it frees up your staff from the headache of manually scheduling appointments, and is an easy and effective way for clients to see when you are available, your services, and to fill out information that you can use to track and manage their appointments.