Meet the Team

How to get more customers: Let them book online with scheduling software

Mike Iwasiow - Eccentric Entrepreneur

A few years ago, after missing his umpteenth dentist appointment, Mike realized that old-fashioned appointment booking was just too painful. So he set out to build a revolutionary online service that makes it easy to for people to book common every day services. And if it fails, well, he'll have to find some other way to pay his dentist's late fees.

How to get more customers: Let them book online with scheduling software

Leanne Schmidt - Content Junkie

Leanne comes from a long line of travellers. Her parents met at an airport, and her family is spread across many contents. Her home? The internet. She writes content for the web, software and online marketing campaigns. If you're up for a chat, ask her about business strategy, urban design, fiction novels or fancy cheeses.

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Patrick Tessier - World Adventurer

He came to us from an unknown land, bearing nothing but a loin cloth and... a keyboard? Ok, not exactly but he has travelled to many exotic places. Patrick has an intense work ethic and serious programming skills, not to mention some incredible photos from his many travels.

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Luis Almanzar - El Pintor

To most, he is Luis the strong, silent dude who likes to tinker with computers. But to us, he's known as "The Painter". A master software artist with unbounded palette of languages and tools at his disposal. His natural skill, pragmatic approach and "get it done!" attitude makes him a real superstar. Just don't call him Rembrandt.

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Ty Johnston - Mockup Monkey

Ty is one of those graphic designers who loves whitespace and minimalism – just check out his hair style for proof. He lives in the world of visual design, spending his days sketching in notebooks and pushing pixels. He's also one of those crazy people you see riding their bike in the winter.