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The Bookedin Story

In 2010 we set out to end the chaos caused by appointment scheduling. We were frustrated by how painful it was to book appointments for common services, so we built software to make it better and schedule appointments online. Today our goal is much the same, but we learned something else along the way. Life is short and we spend most of it working. So our vision is to make work as enjoyable as possible.

Mike IwasiowBookedIN Founder

How it all began

“A long time ago a friend of mine who owns a massage therapy business asked me to build software to help manage their client and appointment information. He didn’t really have anything that worked well for his business.

I wasn’t able to help at the time but the initial seed was planted in my head – there was a need for a business software to manage appointments.

And then as I began to get more and more frustrated as a consumer trying to book my own appointments, I added 2 and 2 together and thought, hey, this could be a neat problem to try and solve.”

Mike Iwasiow, BookedIN Founder

Our Values

icon our story honesty


We value openness and (sometimes brutal) honesty between our team and our users. Got something to say? We’d love to hear from you!

icon our story empathy


We know the struggles of running a small business, which helps us make Bookedin’s online scheduling system work efficiently for you and yours.

icon our story fulfillment


We believe the key to life is to be of service. We love helping you and your business, so going the extra mile is something that comes naturally to us.

BookedIN Launch: Sep 2010

We’re growing slow and steady, building up the BookedIN family one business at a time.

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