Release 54.10 - Minor Enhancements - Bookedin

Release 54.10 – Minor Enhancements

  • Desktop app + Mobile Bug: Verifying accounts past 3 days does not let users sign in.
  • Mobile Enhancement: Enable review prompt
  • Desktop app: What’s new message changed.
  • Desktop app: Client export is broken in Safari
  • Desktop app: Timeslot default values should always be 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Desktop app: Update address fail message bam billing
  • Desktop app: Client emails spacing issue: website & phone # are on the same line.
  • Mobile: In Activity list, rename “Appointment Cancelled” -> “Cancelled”… also “Rescheduled Appointment” -> “Rescheduled”
  • Mobile: In mobile app, when booking a new appointment, the button in top-right should say “Book it” (not “Book”)
  • Mobile: Stacked validations cover input fields.
  • Mobile Hotfix: Problem marking full day off
  • Mobile: Add help text to various settings screens
  • Mobile: Long text is not wrapping properly in mobile app. Causes side scrolling.
  • Mobile: Don’t show calendar selector on solo accounts
  • Desktop app: Users can add booking to their personal calendar directly from confirmation/reminder emails
  • Public booking page: After successfully booking an appointment via gunton/widget, users can click “Add to Calendar” btn to add to their personal calendar
  • Mobile: Display in-app prompt to remind users to verify their email.
  • Desktop app: Monthly users should see a message on their invoice prompting them to upgrade to Annual plan.
  • Desktop app: PAYG users should see a message on their invoice prompting them to upgrade to Monthly/Annual plan.
  • Desktop app: Multi-day cal sync events only block the first day in bookedIN
  • Desktop app: Server generated emails sent to vendor should look a little nicer.

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