Release 54.11 - Minor Enhancements - Bookedin

Release 54.11 – Minor Enhancements

  • Mobile: Wizard: if on business info screen, then you tap previous, you lose all input data from business info screen.
  • Mobile: Android Wizard: if keyboard is closed, then you tap on a text field at the bottom of the screen, the keyboard covers up that text field.
  • Mobile: When adding a new calendar or service via Settings, display the full form.
  • Mobile: Android keyboard go button should submit forms.  Allow user to progress through wizard, book appointment, save changes.
  • Mobile Bug: Special characters not being accepted for passwords.
  • Mobile Bug (Stage): menu unhinged problem reappeared
  • Desktop app/Mobile: Improve default settings.
  • Desktop app: adjust instance settings to better handle high traffic
  • Desktop app: Add Facebook conversion event to bam plan payments.
  • Desktop app: Make Add/Edit custom field options more intuitive.
  • Desktop app: Users can send client import file for processing.
  • Desktop app: Promote mobile app to desktop signups.
  • “Export Clients” button should be industry specific.
  • Desktop app Bug: Billing page red field errors not working properly.
  • Desktop app Bug: Test email button not working for some users.
  • Desktop app Bug: New staff user unable to see calendar.
  • Desktop app Bug (Stage): Logo/color wizard screen alignment broken.

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