Release 54.13 - Minor Enhancements - Bookedin

Release 54.13 – Minor Enhancements

  • Mobile: Change iOS mobile app title & one word in description
  • Mobile: When booking a new appointment on mobile app, users have difficult time typing Client Name due to inefficiencies with client auto-suggest functionality.
  • Desktop app: Plan payment failed transactional emails not firing sometimes
  • Desktop app: Do not allow overlays on mobile (looks bad)
  • Mobile login: email field is case sensitive (it shouldn’t be)
  • Mobile: Password reset. Form field input font color is white! Should be black. Android only.
  • Mobile: In mobile add/change appointment screen, rename buttons to reduce confusion.
  • Desktop app: Annual customers prompted to pay again unnecessarily when adding calendars
  • Mobile: Unable to change availability after internet connection resumes.
  • Mobile: In mobile app, if you login to (or create) a 2nd account, you can see data from previously logged in account if internet connection is severed.
  • Mobile: When server calls return error, the UI state is broken (also if the server call times out, the entire app is frozen).
  • Mobile: On Clients screen and in client auto-suggest popup on Book Appointment/Edit Appointment screens, if you click on the phone number, it initiates a phone call.

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