Release 55.1 - Minor Improvements - Bookedin

Release 55.1 – Minor Improvements

  • Desktop app: Provide API endpoints for Pingup.
  • Desktop app: Change content for “What is a calendar?” popup.
  • Desktop app: Fix issue when admin site changes company token and breaks cronofy push notifications.
  • Desktop app: In First Day Of The Week popup, the dropdown selector doesn’t look right.
  • Desktop app: Retire PAYG.
  • Desktop app: Change content for “What is a user?” pop up.
  • Desktop app/Mobile: Add “Confirmations” to Activity list & include mobile alert when client confirms appointment via email or SMS.
  • Desktop app/Mobile: When unverified/expired user attempts to reset their password, they get an invalid message.
  • Public booking page: Improve Facebook share.
  • Maintenance: Adjust AE instance settings intending to reduce average pending latency.
  • Maintenance: Reduce unimportant reminder failure emails.
  • Mobile: “Error while communicating to the server” error missing details.
  • Mobile: Provide instant UI feedback on taps.
  • Mobile: STAGE 8 dots missing from previous app release.
  • Mobile: In View Appointment screen and Client screen, users should be able to tap phone number to send text message.
  • Mobile: Appointment addresses should be tappable in appointment details.