Release 55.12 - Minor Improvements - Bookedin

Release 55.12 – Minor Improvements

Desktop scheduler (web):

  • New: Added instructions for how to integrate BookedIN with Instagram.
  • Fixed: Some people were seeing duplicate “payment” listings in activity view.

Mobile app (iOS, Android):

  • Improved: All screens in the mobile app now have smooth scrolling.
  • Fixed:  In the “view client details” screen, long names weren’t displaying properly.
  • Fixed: On the “view client” screen, there was a line is missing underneath the name.
  • Fixed: On the “view client” screen, the help text under non-mobile phone numbers was confusing.
  • Fixed:  In the “Book/Change Appointment” screen and the “Add/Edit Client” screen, when editing custom fields they should automatically wrap on multiple lines as you type.
  • Fixed: Client notes were not displaying line breaks properly. 
  • Fixed: Comments were not displaying line breaks properly. 
  • Fixed: When creating a new account, if someone enters an invalid email, they’d see a weird looking validation message.

Plus other minor bug fixes and improvements.
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