Release 55.3 – Firebase api for Channel / Enhancements - Bookedin

Release 55.3 – Firebase api for Channel / Enhancements

  • Bug Mobile: Android mobile users should see multiple app notifications.
  • Mobile: Further subdivision of Errors for MixPanel
  • Mobile: FREE users are not aware when they run out of bookings
  • Desktop/Mobile: Make “calendar” wizard step pre-populated with login user’s name/email
  • Desktop/Mobile: New account users have push notifications on by default.
  • Desktop/Mobile: New calendars do not have “notification email” pre-filled and “email” not required in mobile
  • Desktop/Mobile: Users can turn on/off certain mobile app notifications.
  • Desktop/Mobile: FREE plans can no longer use payments.
  • BugDesktop/Mobile: In Activity view, when viewing details for a new appointment that has been cancelled, you see a connection error.
  • Desktop: Convert Channel API to use Firebase
  • Desktop: What’s new popup for FREE plans no longer having payments.
  • Public booking page: Clients should see new font.
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