Release 55.4 - Minor Improvements - Bookedin

Release 55.4 – Minor Improvements

  • Mobile: Update iOS app store information.
  • Desktop app: Users should see correctDesktop app paypal policy link.
  • Desktop app: Users should see updated “Premium” badge properly centered.
  • Desktop app: Users shouldn’t see synched calendar events marked as “not attending” in their BookedIN calendar.
  • Mobile: Users should not see overlapping text on activity view
  • Mobile: Fix wording on mobile “advanced” page.
  • Mobile: Users should see consistent labels on client profile: notes.
  • Mobile: Users should NOT see slang language (ex “cha-ching”) in mobile app notifications.
  • Desktop app+Mobile: Remove “Adult entertainment & services” from wizard business type suggest list
  • Mobile: On mobile splash screen, re-word the message at the bottom.
  • Public booking page: For “Add to calendar” button, use instead of
  • Desktop app: If user is manually downgraded to “FREE” they should lose access to payment processing
  • Mobile: Update Android app store screenshot
  • Desktop app: SwitchDesktop app to use Stripe for plan payments
  • Mobile: Problems with android stage build
  • Desktop app: Support team should see “Transaction Id” and “Payment Gateway” properties for each “Plan Payment” event in Mixpanel.
  • Desktop app: Desktop “what’s new” pop up for stripe release
  • Desktop app + Mobile: User should not be able to connect paypal if email is unverified

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