Release 55.3.1 - Bug Fix - Bookedin

Release 55.3.1 – Bug Fix

Various bug fixes were launched for the public online booking pages and desktop application:

  • Public booking page: Fix font, padding, etc.
  • Desktop app: Payment request sent top message not shown.
  • Desktop app: New resource doesn’t appear on the calendar without a refresh.
  • Desktop app: Some paypal ipn related errors in AE logs.
  • Desktop app: Many exceptions in AE logs regarding channel notifier.
  • Desktop app: Rescheduling distant appointments don’t appear in the calendar without a refresh.
  • Desktop app: If user is manually downgraded to “FREE” (or through company edit page) their calendar sync should get disconnected.
  • Desktop app: On free plan, “No Bookings Remaining” popup not shown for first booking attempt when out of bookings.
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