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It’s like having a personal secretary at your fingertips.
Level-up your business without emptying your wallet.

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It’s like having a personal secretary at your fingertips. Level-up your business without emptying your wallet.

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“It does everything for me—I’d be lost without it.”

“This app has been the best thing I’ve done for my business, eliminating all the stress and hassle of managing clients appointments and saving me so much time. Clients tell me how impressed they are, how easy & professional it is to use.”

– Rachel Riches, Owner, The Brow Clinic, Doncaster


Voted Best Ease of Use

The votes are in, and guess what? Bookedin is now recognized as one of the easiest to use appointment scheduling software in all the lands!  (Did we mention it’s easy?)

The simple solution to your appointment scheduling chaos

Bookedin’s appointment booking app helps you get more done–with less. By reducing your admin costs we’ll save you money, without sacrificing your five-star client service.

Is the constant back and forth with clients adding to your stress?

It starts with innocent questions, then boundaries get crossed. Before you know it, texts are coming at all hours. The already blurred balance between work and any kind of *home* life is shattered. And you’re left with a ball of dread in your stomach each time your phone buzzes.

Is your business prepared for the new normal?

First, you took appointments with a scheduling book and pen. Then you gave out your number and got bombarded by texts. Now it looks like the *old way* of booking appointments might be eliminated altogether. Without a waiting room, walk-ins or a receptionist… how will you fill your *books*? You need a simple, safe way to transition into the new normal.

Can you afford to lose out on clients because you’re playing phone tag?

How many potential dollars have you lost not being there to answer the phone? When you were chasing after your kids? Or on a Zoom call with another client? Bookedin’s online booking software makes your job easy. Your clients will love the convenience of booking appointments on their own terms. No passwords, no logins. Just simple online booking, 24/7.

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Stress-free appointment scheduling software to *rocket ship* your client service

Bookedin automates those annoying tasks causing chaos in your day—without making it complicated. Your clients can use online scheduling to book appointments 24/7. Our software sends confirmations & reminders, collects payments, keeps your calendar organized, and so much more!

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Let us rescue you from scheduling confusion

Take a break from worrying about “what’s next?” From day one of your Bookedin appointment app trial we’ve got your back. By email, phone, and through online support, we’ll help you transition to online appointment booking for more freedom & control over your future.

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Do more, with less

How can you become the go-to in your industry… without blowing your budget? Whether you’re working in a shop, or from your *brand spanking new* home set-up—client service skyrockets with automatic text reminders and the convenience of 24/7 online booking.

text message appointment reminders

Even if you’re allergic to tech

Bookedin helps take away your scheduling pain. With one easy-to-use online appointment scheduler, you’ll be able to offload all those time-consuming tasks and free up your day for more important things. Like leveling-up your business.

Need to move your appointments online? We can help.

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brandy burgans bookedin tattoo scheduler app review

“Bookedin has made a HUGE change in my business!”

“Bookedin has made a huge positive change in my business. I love how simple the platform is for everyone; myself, and my clients to navigate. And my business income has boosted since I began using it. All in all this program is definitely worth it.”

– Brandy Burgans, Private tattoo studio owner

gary kristiensen home appraisal

Gary was stressed & needed relief. Bookedin was there to help.

“Bookedin has taken away my stress, eliminated the need for a secretary, and given our customers a more professional impression of our business. My customers now take care of the scheduling and I just look ahead to see what I have coming.”

– Gary Kristensen, owner of A Quality Appraisal

Melissa Wall, Remedial Massage Therapist Winnipeg

“Bookedin is the best thing I use in my business!”

I love the simplicity of this software. Bookedin’s a huge help for me, running my own business can be time consuming and Bookedin takes so much pressure off me, giving me more time for my clients. All of my clients have given me great feedback about Bookedin—they love the friendly reminder right to their mobile phones.””

– Melissa Wall , Remedial Massage Therapist

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Simplify your appointment scheduling

Get more clients
in less time

Clients can book appointments online
from your Facebook, Instagram,
email, or your website.

Automate to get more hours
back into your day

Bookedin will automatically send email
and text message confirmations and reminders to clients for every appointment.

Feel confident about
paying your bills

Reduce no-shows and cancellations by
asking clients to pay online before
they book their appointment.

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You won’t miss the hassle of missed calls,
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