Release 54.9 - Minor Enhancements - Bookedin

Release 54.9 – Minor Enhancements

  • Desktop app Bug: Regular availability days off sometimes cannot be changed.
  • Desktop app Bug: Event Source is wrong when clicking “preview” link on SETTINGS > CUSTOMIZE page.
  • Desktop app Bug: Client search note misplaced, and not dismissible.
  • Desktop app: Email verification success email still says “Public scheduling page” should say “Online booking page”
  • Desktop app: Malicious user can use client export url to download another company’s client list.
  • Desktop app: missing branding.
  • Desktop app: User can add logo and select color in Step 5 of setup wizard.
  • Desktop app / Mobile: Enforce stronger passwords.
  • Mobile Bug: First referring property not showing on mobile signups.
  • Mobile Bug: Wizard “hide address” toggle delay.
  • Mobile Bug: “Confirmed” and “No Show” indicators appear in wrong spot on view booking details screen.
  • Mobile Bug: Month text not centered.
  • Mobile Bug (Stage): Top & bottom menu issues on screens where there are multiple input fields.
  • Mobile: Update logo on mobile app launching screen.
  • Mobile: Change design of mobile support page.
  • Mobile: Fix mobile icons on bookings. Should appear monochrome against the new colored appointment blocks.
  • Mobile: After creating a new account, display popup to remind users to verify their email.
  • Mobile: Intro screens: Let’s get started page: content changes.
  • Mobile: Business info screen missing watermarks
  • Mobile: Improve validation alerts.

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