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Connecting With Clients

9 COVID-19 Phrases to Ban from Your Marketing

As if the coronavirus wasn’t dreadful enough—you’re now being subjected to a 24/7 assault of vomit-inducing *community building* cliches. We’re calling out 9 phrases from the COVID-19 era { ← how is this already a thing?!} that we never want to hear again.

How to Reopen Successfully Post-COVID-19

Let’s plot your reemergence into this murky, post-COVID-19 era. We’ll explore the most effective ways to move your business through this time of transition between shut down and re-opening.

17 Tattoo Artist Misconceptions (That Refuse to Die)

Tattoo artist misconceptions and myths still run rampant today. With a generous hand from social media, *reality* TV, and good ol’ fashion gossip, we’ve created a world-wide version of the telephone game. After connecting with artists and digging around online, we found 17 common misconceptions, myths if you will, that need to be set straight.

Why Empathy is a Game-changer

Close your eyes for a moment. Can you imagine a life without empathy? Not only is it invaluable for your human connections, it can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s explore how seeing the choices you make through the perspective of others brings out the best in you.

27 Stylist Tips For Your Best Hair Appointment Ever

Hairstylists work hard to make your vision of leaving the salon a new person come true—all for their love of a craft. So, before you book your next appointment, take a few minutes and have a look at the 27 things your stylist needs you to hear.