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Connecting With Clients

Why Empathy is a Game-changer

Close your eyes for a moment. Can you imagine a life without empathy? Not only is it invaluable for your human connections, it can be a game-changer for your business. Let’s explore how seeing the choices you make through the perspective of others brings out the best in you.

27 Stylist Tips For Your Best Hair Appointment Ever

Hairstylists work hard to make your vision of leaving the salon a new person come true—all for their love of a craft. So, before you book your next appointment, take a few minutes and have a look at the 27 things your stylist needs you to hear.

Why Connecting in Real Life Is So Important

If like many small businesses, you’ve been neglecting the opportunity to take your online connections into the real world, the time has arrived. We’re going to explore three ways you can connect with your clients in real life to help drive traffic to your shop.

The 5 Reasons Client Satisfaction Matters

Competition in small business is fierce. In the rapidly changing world of art & commerce, it’s challenging to find your focus. Should you be studying the latest marketing trends, or calculating the perfect price point? No. The real difference is won with exceptional client service.

Finding the Higher Truth

From his first tattoo at age 18, to working at biker-owned tattoo shops in the 90s, to owning his shop today, Mark tells us a bit about his journey where he’s found family, good fortune, validation and a continual search for higher truth in everything.