Release 55.5 - Minor Improvements - Bookedin

Release 55.5 – Minor Improvements

New & Improved:

  • Desktop app + Mobile: When users enter invalid email in “forgot password” screen, they will see a link to contact support.
  • Desktop app + Mobile: After creating a new account, if owner changes their unverified email within the first 3 days and attempts to log in with new email, they are forced to verify the new email address.
  • Desktop app: improved client file import.
  • Desktop app: Desktop users can contact support & browse FAQs using in-app support widget.
  • Desktop app: User will see better formatted options on BAM billing screen when viewing on a mobile device.
  • Desktop app: Removed slang language in business notification emails.
  • Mobile: When user clicks forgot pwd, the email field will now be auto-populated (if possible).
  • Mobile: updated headline text in the mobile wizard welcome screen.


  • Desktop app + Mobile: Users with unverified emails were having trouble logging in.
  • Desktop app + Mobile: Users were confused when trying to change/fix typos in their login email.
  • Desktop app + Mobile: After account owner changes their login email, they were automatically get logged out.
  • Desktop app: Desktop app users were not able to block 15 minute periods when dragging handles “up”.
  • Mobile: various layout issues on iPhone X.
  • Mobile: logo on mobile launch screen was not very nice.
  • Mobile: “Facebook share” button was broken.
  • Mobile: “Email is already registered” alert wasn’t working.
  • Mobile: when changing hours by day, user were seeing “Loading” message while toggling hours on/off.

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