Release 55.6 - Minor Improvements - Bookedin

Release 55.6 – Minor Improvements

New & Improved:

  • Desktop + Mobile app: users in certain industries will now see pre-defined list of services in the account setup wizard
  • Desktop app: added drop down to Desktop app availability calendar button
  • Desktop + Mobile app: renamed “Recurring Hours” to “Business Hours” (more familiar term)


  • Desktop app: in Week/7 Day view, if you click on a day, it should always take you to Day view
  • Desktop app: after cropping logo/picture, users were seeing blank screen while system was finishing the cropping action
  • Desktop app: cleaned up fonts in Desktop app popups
  • Desktop app: in Integrate page “Website Widget” section, if you select “Verdana” font, the preview was messed up.
  • Mobile: in Book Appointment screen, the time format was wrong.

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