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How to Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Money Making Machine

You’re a business owner and you LOVE what you do, right? Helping your clients, enhancing their lives, and connecting with them in authentic ways is very rewarding. But let’s face it, at the end of the day, you’re in business to make money.

That means getting more clients and better clients. And social media provides your business many marketing opportunities to do just that. Opportunities businesses would have killed for 15 years ago.

One of the best ways to use social media to get more clients and immediately increase your bottom line is through a feature Facebook introduced a few years ago called the “Call-To-Action” button.

Can this be a game changer for your business? Let’s find out…

What is Facebook’s “Call-To-Action” Button?

First off, what is Facebook’s “Call-To-Action” button? Simply put, the “Call-To-Action” button, CTA for short, is a button you can add to your Facebook page, encouraging visitors to do specific things.

(Note: this feature is only available for Facebook pages, not personal profiles.)
Different actions you can encourage your clients to take via the button include:

  • Book Services: This option is great for increasing appointments at your establishment.
  • Get In Touch: Encourage communication and start a dialogue with your fans.
  • Learn More: Show people where they can discover more information about your business.
  • Make a Purchase or Donation: Directly ask for a sale or for support for your organization.
  • Download App or Game: Increase downloads of your mobile application.

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For the rest of this post, we’re going to focus on the “Book Services” option because this CTA allows you top add a “Book Now” button to your Facebook page.
Once you create a “Book Now” button for your page, visitors will have the option to schedule appointments with you directly via Facebook. You can connect this feature to a specific page on your website or an appointment scheduler like BookedIN for the ultimate streamlined user experience.

According to, companies that allow their customers to book appointments with them directly through Facebook see an 8% increase in bookings!
At BookedIN, we love simple hacks to supercharge businesses. And activating a “Book Now” button on your page is a quick and easy process with giant potential benefits.

View this tutorial and quickly learn how to set up your “Book Now” button →

Why Do You Need A Facebook “Book Now” Button?

Now that we’ve established what the button is, let’s go over a few reasons why you should seriously consider adding this feature ASAP.

Imagine, for a moment, one of your fans is scrolling through their Facebook news feed. They see your latest post (a current sale or promotion you’re running, for example) and decide to view your page to see if there are any exciting updates they’ve missed…

Upon reaching your page, they see the big “Book Now” button just beneath your cover photo and think to themselves, “You know, I haven’t had a haircut/massage/etc. for a while… Maybe it’s time for another…”

In just one click, they are on your site or appointment scheduling page, booking their next appointment. That’s the power of the “Book Now” button… It creates a bridge between Facebook and your online appointment calendar and gives your clients a natural way to go from one to the other… Boom – money in your pocket!

Facebook’s Influence on Buying Decisions

Let’s also talk about the way that people now use Facebook to evaluate a business… According to Sprout Social, “74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions.”

And, “81% of U.S. online customers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.” according to Market Force.
From reviews and wall posts to shared photos and recommendations from friends, your Facebook page plays a crucial role in whether or not a potential client decides to book an appointment with you or not.

So when a prospect is perusing Facebook looking for the services you offer, you need to be ready! A “Book Now” button signals to visitors that you’re professional and provides them with a convenient way to become a client.

Promoting Your Button

Facebook’s “Book Now” button is a wonderful feature and just having the button on your page could increase your bookings by up to 8% as previously mentioned!
But imagine if you were to apply a bit of elbow grease as well… you’re a business owner, that’s what you do right?

So let’s talk about ways to promote your button…

  1. First, let your following know they can now book appointments with you through Facebook. We recommend posting about this periodically on your wall, as well as putting a blurb about it in your bio. The more people know about it, the more likely people will be to start using it.
  2. Consider adding some kind of graphic to your cover photo to let people know they can book with you through Facebook. You could even add an arrow to your cover photo pointing right to the “Book Now” button. The point is to draw attention and make sure people see that you offer this feature.
  3. If you have some money in your marketing budget, try running a paid promotion for your “Book Now” feature. To do this, click “Promote” in the main menu on your page (Left-hand side, under your profile picture). Click “Promote My {Call-To-Action}, Fill in the details, click promote.

There are other ways to promote your button as well, but these will get you started. Remember, the point is to raise awareness within your following that appointments can easily and conveniently by booked with your business through Facebook.

The Power of Social Media

As we’ve discussed before, social media is an incredible tool for growing awareness of your company, increasing engagement with your clients and staying top-of-mind when they happen to be looking for a product or service you offer.

Many small businesses – 76% of them according to – have realized the power of social media and have implemented some kind of strategy to promote their products and/or services on these networks.

But social media is also becoming an increasingly beneficial medium for direct sales…

Meaning, many businesses are seeing immediate financial benefits from an effective social strategy. It’s not just about increasing reach and engagement… Companies are now using social media to help put money directly into their pockets!

Facebook’s “Book Now” button is a great way to start turning your social media pages into client grabbing, money making machines. We encourage you to set up a “Book Now” button today and see if it helps!