No more BookedIN fees - Bookedin

No more BookedIN fees

We’re excited to announce if you collect online payments using BookedIN, you’ll no longer be charged a % processing fee.

We hope this makes it easier and more efficient for you to run your business. And if you’ve never tried BookedIN payment processing, now is a great time to start.

Use BookedIN to collect cash:

  • Clients pay for services online (credit card or PayPal)
  • Money gets deposited to your PayPal account
  • Require payment before or after they book
  • Include tipping option and early payment discount
  • Clients receive payment reminder email
  • Learn more about collecting online payments…

Did you know…

  • BookedIN supports 21 currencies around the world! See all currencies
  • For most people, the cost of BookedIN is a business write off! Ask your accountant or check your local revenue agency website.