Leanne Schmidt, Author at Bookedin

Author: Leanne Schmidt

Refer Your Friends & Get Free Online Scheduling

Why are referrals so important? Because of the free rewards of course! But seriously, no business owner on earth wants to spend their precious spare time researching appointment apps. They want to know what other savvy business owners like YOU use. So why not be a leader in your community and refer a friend or colleague to Bookedin?

How This Skin Magician Found Freedom With Online Booking

Let’s give a warm welcome to Clara. This Miami-based skin magician is thriving thanks to her positive mindset, tight-knit community & unique service offerings... oh, and online booking. We hope you enjoy our interview with the owner of Pronoia 11:11 as much as we did.

How Barbershop Owner Eliminated No-Shows with Appointment Scheduling App

Say hello to this *new-to-the-Bookedin-family* barber shop owner, Eddie Murawski from Uptown Barbershop in Naples, Florida! If you're looking to make your shop run "smooth as silk", watch our latest case study interview. Eddie explains how switching to a barber booking app helped them eliminate no-shows, get booked solid, and finally get a daily lunch break...