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The Importance Of Online Scheduling For Medical Practices

Every day, medical offices around the country fill up with any number of patient appointments. Even though many offices encourage walk in and last minute appointments, these can cause chaos for the staff who are in charge of manually entering and scheduling all of the appointments. As more practices introduce technology, many offices are moving to telemedicine, and keeping a schedule is just as important.  Manual scheduling can be a burden for many establishments, as it requires significant time and staff resources to manage properly.

This can have a negative impact on the overall operation and restrict the office from running at full potential. Appointment scheduling software is an easy and efficient way to resolve a number of these issues. As online scheduling becomes more popular with a number of businesses large and small, there are a few things that companies should know before making the jump to one of these handy scheduling tools.

Increase Your Savings
Because the software handles scheduling appointments online, there is no need to hire and pay additional staff to handle manual scheduling.

Ease Of Use For Clients
Patients can now schedule online, from anywhere. Many online scheduling programs allow clients to book from their smartphone or tablet, adding an additional level of ease to the process. Patients of medical offices are no longer forced to sit on the phone or in the office in order to make their appointments. You can download BookedIN in both the Apple and Google app stores.

Custom Control
Our online scheduling software available allows the user the freedom to set their own parameters. Users can control such options as multiple calendars, payment methods, hours of operation, and more, which allow for a seamless experience for both the business and the clients.

Reduce Wasted Appointments
Online scheduling programs help you fill empty time slots. This in turn will help you to reduce your waste by taking full advantage of all of your available openings. When a client cancels an appointment that has been made with manual scheduling, there is virtually no way to fill that spot, except with last minute call ins and emergencies. Through the use of online scheduling software, clients can view and select open time slots in real time.

You can easily block off portions of your schedule for meetings or long vacations. You can sync your personal calendar using Outlook, Google, iCal, Office365 or Microsoft Exchange. You can make modifications to your schedule for a variety of reasons, which gives you the flexibility to work your schedule around the needs of your business.

Lots of online scheduling programs allow users to see the availability of resources and rooms in order to cut down on chaos in busy situations. Overall, online scheduling takes a lot of the burden off of you and your staff.

Online scheduling will also have positive outcomes for your clients. Only empty time slots are shown, so clients know right away what appointment times are available. In cases where a specific doctor or resource is needed, most scheduling programs allow you to show specific slots where both the doctor and resource are shown. These programs are also able to show the buffer time that can be used between two appointments, thus reducing wait times significantly.

Automated reminders can be sent out to patients closer to the day of their appointment so that they don’t miss their slot, which also reduces waste.