Feeling the local love

By Cody Pierson Date 13/05/2011  

Two things crossed my mind when I checked the Winnipeg Free Press business section Tuesday morning. The first was:

“Awesome, they ran the article about BookedIN going to Google I/O! This is great exposure!”

The second was, of course:

“Wow, I have a HUGE forehead.”

We tried to Photoshop out the worst of the glare.

We tried to Photoshop out the worst of the glare.

Now, my formidable cranium aside, this is couldn’t come at a better time for us. The whole reason for this article is that our spectacular development team is attending Google I/O to show off BookedIN, but that’s not the only thing we’re excited about right now.

We’re also launching a new version of our website and looking to connect more with our local market and, no matter what the doomsayers say about print media, there’s still a lot of value in having people see your name in print. Plus, the clipping will look great on the fridge in the break room.

With a great article in the local paper and our development team chatting up the big-wigs in San Francisco, it’s been a pretty good week for BookedIN. You can check out the article here.