Feeling the local love - Bookedin

Feeling the local love

Two things crossed my mind when I checked the Winnipeg Free Press business section Tuesday morning. The first was:

“Awesome, they ran the article about BookedIN going to Google I/O! This is great exposure!”

The second was, of course:

“Wow, I have a HUGE forehead.”

We tried to Photoshop out the worst of the glare.

Now, my formidable cranium aside, this is couldn’t come at a better time for us. The whole reason for this article is that our spectacular development team is attending Google I/O to show off BookedIN, but that’s not the only thing we’re excited about right now.

We’re also launching a new version of our website and looking to connect more with our local market and, no matter what the doomsayers say about print media, there’s still a lot of value in having people see your name in print. Plus, the clipping will look great on the fridge in the break room.

With a great article in the local paper and our development team chatting up the big-wigs in San Francisco, it’s been a pretty good week for BookedIN. You can check out the article here.