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How to Cash In on New Years Resolutions

It’s been a few days since New Years Eve and your clients are still trying to keep their resolutions, but they’re having a hard time. It’s your chance to help them make some positive changes while taking the edge of the holiday sales hangover. That’s why we’re offering a few ideas for cashing in on New Years resolutions.

Help people get started

Breaking bad habits, getting in shape and taking up new activities are the most common New Years resolutions. If you’re a coach, consultant or trainer you can help your clients get started (or get back on board) by offering some incentives.

You can discount a long-term membership or multi-class package, but your clients know as well as you do that resolutions don’t always take. A better tactic is to offer introductory packages, which can then be applied as a discount longer term packages. Alternatively, you can include some basic supplies (yoga mats, workout clothes, etc.) to eliminate the secondary costs.

New year, new looks

A New Years resolution is all about changing things up and not everybody is looking for something long term. You can bank on that sense of adventure around New Years to upsell existing clients and drive business to new services.

Salons can offer a discounts to anyone that changes their hair color. Tattoo artists can offer first-timer discounts during January. Whatever you decide to do it should focus on getting your existing customers to try services they may never have considered.

Keep ‘em coming back

Bringing a few extra customers in during January is a good thing but you want at least a few of them to keep coming back once the holidays are over. You could hope that everybody who decided to lose 15 pounds succeeds, but it might be better to offer some incentives.

Whether you’re offering classes or cuts, you can offer freebies to anyone who has hit certain milestones. (i.e. Attend five classes before April.) You can also offer second-chance discounts later in the year to anyone who got started in January but fell off the wagon.

Did you make any resolutions for your business this year? Have you kept them? Do you have any other ideas for New Years specials? Let us know in the comments!