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BookedIN feature roundup: E-mail confirmations and more

I’m always excited about BookedIN – and not just because Mike wrote that requirement into my contract – but this month I’m especially enthusiastic. We’ve just launched all the features I gave you little preview of a few weeks ago and – even more exciting – we had 2,700 accounts created in January! So, for the benefit of our customers, new and old, here’s a rundown of the newest features to hit BookedIN.

Email Confirmations: This was one of the most requested features, so we hope it’ll be a crowd pleaser. You can now automatically send email appointment confirmations to clients 2 – 5 days prior to an appointment. It’s also incredibly simple to use. You just have to access the new “Notifications” tab, select how many days in advance you want the confirmations sent and make sure the option is checked. Once it’s activated your clients will start receiving confirmations.

Appointment Confirmations
Its elegant in its simplicity.

When they receive the email they’ll be able to confirm the appointment scheduling immediately. Any confirmed appointments will display a check mark on the calendar.
Personalized Emails: We get it, you want you reminders can confirmations to come from your company, not ours. From now on any confirmation or reminder e-mails will look like they’re being sent directly from your company. The header will have your business name and they’ll be sent from the e-mail address you’ve provided in the “Account Info” section.
Break Times: Certain services require clean up or time off afterwards. We’ve made it easier to schedule accordingly by adding a break time option to your services. Basically, it guarantees a buffer zone as big as you want to set between appointments.

International Currency Support: Since we’ve been finding so many customer overseas we decided to give the ability to display the price of services in any local currency. Now you clients won’t need to know how the Euro is trading relative to the dollar before they book a haircut.
This was one of our most substantial BookedIN updates so far, but we’ve still got a few aces up our sleeves. I’ll be giving you another preview of what’s to come before you know it, so keep an eye on the blog or the Twitter feed for all the latest news.