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Busting the Top 10 Instagram Myths [infographic]

In a world where visual content remains the most effective way to gain and keep your client’s attention, Instagram presents a tremendous opportunity to promote your services, book more appointments, and engage with your client base.

Much more than the endless stream of scrumptious foodie photos and silly cat memes some people assume it to be, Instagram is a powerful marketing platform, boasting over 800 million users as of this post.

And with more and more people joining every day, savvy service providers have begun to pay attention and take advantage of the network.

But there are still many people who refuse to use Instagram to market their services. They say it takes too much time, the platform doesn’t provide enough marketing data, there’s no way to efficiently bring in new leads…

And while these complaints may sound serious, they’re really just myths… In fact, the following infographic, created by the designers at proessaywriting.com, busts ten of the most popular myths regarding Instagram.

Afraid you won’t be able to easily convert leads into clients? Simply include an appointment scheduling software link in your Instagram bio enabling potential clients to book their next haircut, tattoo or massage appointment right on the spot!

Think there’s no viable way to measure your marketing results on Instagram? Actually, there are many tools, a few of which are mentioned in the infographic, that will give you deep insights into who your followers are, what kind of content they enjoy, the optimal time to post, and more.

What about service based businesses? Instagram only works for e-commerce companies, right? Think again. Instagram is an incredible platform for proving the quality of your services. By posting photos of your work, you’ll create interest and build trust.

The truth is, with the right knowledge, many Instagram marketing myths can be busted. You CAN grow your client base using this social media network as evidenced by the tens of thousands of companies currently doing it.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the following infographic and bust the top 10 myths regarding Instagram!

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