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New Branding Tools: Logo, Profile Photo & Colors

Personalize your booking page

First impressions are important, so we’ve launched some cool new features to help you really “wow” your clients and customers. Now you can add your logo or profile photo and add your brand’s colors on your public appointment scheduling page!

The best part about these new features: you can start selling your services online quickly, without having to create a website.

Who needs a website anyway?

We talk to hundreds of small business owners every month and we’re constantly hearing about the seemingly universal struggle to launch and maintain websites. Websites are a slow and expensive process. Notorious for delaying business launches.

So skip the website worries. Launch your business online in under ten minutes. Just sign up for BookedIN, add your services, configure your availability, customize your scheduling page, then BOOM! You’re a business owner.

(Psst: we have website integration tools too, just in case you’re interested)

Refreshed private scheduling calendar

In addition to the logo and color goodies launched today, we’ve got a treat for our loyal fans. Next time you sign in to BookedIN, you’ll notice the user interface is totally refreshed!

We were getting a bit sad after six years of staring at the dark color-scheme, so we freshened everything up. We think it looks a lot more calming now. What do you think? We’d love to hear your comments below.

~Love from the BookedIN Team