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9 Lessons for Living a Balanced Life

We can all feel crushed under the responsibilities of work and home, the balance always just out of reach. But here’s the thing, when you focus too much attention on any one area of your life, the others can suffer as a consequence. Let these 9 lessons in living a balanced life be your guide to managing the flow of balance.

New Text Confirmations (And More!)

Now your clients will immediately receive a text message when their appointment gets booked! We also spruced up how your booking page looks on a mobile device, added more Android device support and streamlined the setup steps.

How to Redefine Balance With Work-Life Integration

When you visualize work/life balance, what do you see? A scale that’s perfectly balanced (good) or swinging wildly out of control (bad)? It’s impossible to compartmentalize our lives into separate segments to sit neatly on either side of the scale. The reality is, you need to figure out what balance looks like for you and be open to the ebbs and flows of life.

Why do tattoo artists leave?

Whether to relocate to a new shop, or to open up their own, tattoo artists leaving seems to be a trend… But why? So we reached out to over 70 shop owners and artists to ask the big question. Check out what they’re saying and leave a comment to help us shed some light on this interesting topic!

September Features Update

If you’re new to BookedIN and want to take our 30-day trial for a spin, we’ve made it even easier for you to get set up! We just re-launched our setup experience for desktop, plus we enhanced the booking form making it easier to manage clients with multiple phone numbers.