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How to Increase Revenue Without Working Overtime

In the service industry, we’re in the business of selling time. Booking appointments with clients in exchange for our services. It’s all tied to the clock and since there’s only 24 hours in a day, it can feel like there’s only so much money a person can make. So is there a money-making ceiling for someone in the business of booking appointments? Thankfully, no!

How to Set Up Your Services for Online Scheduling

So, you’ve decided to toss out your physical appointment book and make the switch to online scheduling — finally. Let’s explore the 4 steps your shop will take to set up your services with BookedIN’s online scheduling app, so you can start booking those new clients today.

30 Things Your Tattoo Artist Wishes You Knew

Over the years I’ve heard tattoo artists at all stages of their journey earnestly discuss what they wish clients knew before they booked their first appointment. With so many things to consider before setting foot in your first tattoo shop, I compiled the 30 things tattoo artists wish you knew.

Finding the Higher Truth

From his first tattoo at age 18, to working at biker-owned tattoo shops in the 90s, to owning his shop today, Mark tells us a bit about his journey where he’s found family, good fortune, validation and a continual search for higher truth in everything.