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Work-Life Balance

How to Increase Revenue Without Working Overtime

In the service industry, we’re in the business of selling time. Booking appointments with clients in exchange for our services. It’s all tied to the clock and since there’s only 24 hours in a day, it can feel like there’s only so much money a person can make. So is there a money-making ceiling for someone in the business of booking appointments? Thankfully, no!

9 Lessons for Living a Balanced Life

We can all feel crushed under the responsibilities of work and home, the balance always just out of reach. But here’s the thing, when you focus too much attention on any one area of your life, the others can suffer as a consequence. Let these 9 lessons in living a balanced life be your guide to managing the flow of balance.

How to Redefine Balance With Work-Life Integration

When you visualize work/life balance, what do you see? A scale that’s perfectly balanced (good) or swinging wildly out of control (bad)? It’s impossible to compartmentalize our lives into separate segments to sit neatly on either side of the scale. The reality is, you need to figure out what balance looks like for you and be open to the ebbs and flows of life.

Is the fear of delegation holding you back?

Do you find yourself ready to fall face-first into bed at 9 o’clock but instead force yourself to work “a few more hours” before calling it a day? If this sounds like you then stay tuned, I’m about to teach you how to delegate. This time management skill will save you time, money and your sanity.