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Why We Love Email Marketing (And You Should, Too!)

Would your business survive if you suddenly lost access to your social media accounts? You need to have a digital marketing strategy in place that includes a fail-safe method to keep your client list where it belongs, with you. I’m talking about email marketing.

Discovering Success in Unexpected Places

Read the inspiring success story of entrepreneur Vanessa Olomo, founder of Braids Connexion, Baltimore. While overcoming doubts, and discovering her unique talents, Vanessa found her footing in the industry. Now she’s ready for her next challenge.

7 Ways to Speed up Your Staff Recruiting

The more employees you have, the more customers you can serve. Overbooking or scheduling appointments further out is money you’re missing out on today. If you have clients who are already coming to you, you need to have enough staff to serve them.

Are you making this client retention mistake?

A brand new client has just experienced your services for the first time, everyone was on their best behavior – – and it went awesome. From the time she walked in everything clicked. You work hard at creating an atmosphere that makes your client know they’ve come to the right place. From the volume of […]

Take a Leap of Faith for Work-Life Balance

The story of a Vancouver single mom who reinvented her life and career. She went from being an unhappy stress-case working at a law firm, to the freedom and balance of owning her own microblading business, Brow Beauty by Mel.

The 4 Best Methods for Attracting New Clients to Your Salon

Arguably the biggest challenge in the beauty industry is finding new clients. It’s a constant effort to keep your calendar full and the business flowing. While you likely already have some loyal clients who regularly book with you, (because you make them look oh so ahh-may-zing) you may have noticed over time your client list […]