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Appointment Scheduling Tips

The Challenges and Rewards of Switching to Online Booking

If you’re wondering,  “is this online booking thing really worth it?” … look no further. Today we’re chatting with long-time BookedIN user Jason Medina, a tattoo artist and shop owner. For Jason, at first he was hesitant, but after seeing his girlfriend pull in $200 while chilling on the couch watching movies, the allure was just too hard to ignore…

How to “Make It” as a Tattoo Artist

Today we’re Talking Shop with Kari Yocom, a Portland based tattoo artist. Read on for her advice on “making it” in the tattoo industry, the biggest challenges you’ll face when getting started, and the importance of being organized.

14 Time Saving Tools for Busy Tattoo Artists

As a tattoo artist, when it comes to making the most of your day, productivity is all about avoiding the administrative-chaos and finding more time for art. To help you do all this, here’s a roundup of our favourite tools for the creative, appointment-based industry.