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Mobile App Update

Over the past months our team has been working on a mountain of new features. It’s been a massive effort so far, but all of our hard work is finally coming together.

New Branding Tools: Logo, Profile Photo & Colors

First impressions are important, so we’ve launched some cool new features to help you really “wow” your clients and customers. Now you can add your logo or profile photo and add your brand’s colors on your public appointment scheduling page!

Top 10 Productivity Tips for Small Businesses

Business owners are constantly seeking the holy grail of production. Unless your business employs Santa’s elves, you need a productivity plan. A few efficiency-boosting guidelines can help increase effectiveness in any business.

New Website Calendar Widget

With the new BookedIN website widget, you can get booked and paid directly on your own website. The widget is fully integrated with online payments too, meaning you can easily collect credit card, debit, or PayPal payments for your services.